Site Architecture

Pinpoint your slowest loading pages, bloated pages, obsolete stylesheets & scripts, ensure you have DOCTYPE consistency, analyse your returned HTTP status codes sitewide, and more.

The reports that are currently available that are useful for website architecture analysis include:




Basic Audit Report

Keyword Summary

HTTP Link Analysis

  • HTTP Headers
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Site Content Types
  • Number of pages at each depth
  • Full Link Data
  • Full Link Analysis
  • Queued Links

Internal Links

  • Internal link downloads
  • Internal link problems
  • Most linked to pages
  • Least linked to pages
  • Most popular anchor text
  • Keywords in Anchor text
  • Keyword Pairs in Anchor text
  • URL Length
  • URL Length metrics
  • Links with spaces
  • Links with uppercase characters
  • Links with underscores
  • Links with extensions
  • Pages with most unique links on
  • Pages with most unique links on, excluding page anchors
  • Pages with least unique links on
  • Pages with least unique links on, excluding page anchors
  • Internal links with rel="nofollow"
  • Internal links with target="_blank"
  • Link type relative
  • Link type absolute
  • Internal canonical link
  • Internal shortlink link
  • Page Rank of Internal Site Pages

External Links

  • Broken external links
  • Broken external domains
  • Most popular external links
  • Most popular nofollowed external links
  • Most popular external followed links
  • External links by domain
  • External links by domain (nofollow)
  • External links by domain (follow)
  • External links by suffix

Title Tags

  • Title Length too short
  • Title Length too long
  • Missing Title
  • Keywords in Title's
  • Keyword Pairs in Title's
  • All Titles


  • Duplicate title tags
  • Duplicate meta description tags
  • Duplicate meta keywords tags
  • Duplicate OG title tags
  • Duplicate OG url tags
  • Duplicate OG image tags
  • Duplicate OG description tags

Meta Tags

  • All Meta Tags
  • Keywords in Meta Descriptions
  • Keyword Pairs in Meta Descriptions
  • Keywords in Meta Keywords
  • Keyword Pairs in Meta Keywords
  • Meta Robots - noindex
  • Meta Robots - nofollow
  • Most number of Meta Keywords
  • Least number of Meta Keywords
  • No Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description doesn't exist
  • Meta Description too short
  • Meta Description too long
  • DOCTYPE missing
  • DOCTYPE all


  • Keywords in headings
  • Keyword pairs in headings
  • Most popular headings
  • Average number of h1's per page
  • Average number of headings per page, per type
  • Total headings, per type

Content / Spelling

  • Spelling
  • Readability
  • All linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.)
  • Linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.) by page
  • Linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.) by type
  • Common linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.)
  • Content ratio of text to markup & code
  • Occurrences of each email address
  • Occurrences of each RSS feed
  • All inline tags
  • All strong inline tags
  • All em inline tags
  • All b inline tags
  • All i inline tags


  • Broken Image SRC
  • Favicons
  • All Images
  • Most Common Images
  • Unique Images
  • Images with no alt text set
  • Images with a title attribute set
  • Images with largest dimensions
  • Images with invalid dimensions set
  • object, SVG, Canvas tags

Open Graph Tags

  • OG types


  • WHO IS
  • DNS

Robots TXT

  • Robots.txt analysis


  • Recommended External Performance Tools
  • Page Download Speed metrics
  • Page Speed Detail
  • Page Size metrics
  • Page Size Detail
  • Redirect Speed metrics
  • Redirect Speed Detail

Stylesheets & Scripts

  • Occurrences of each stylesheet
  • Occurrences of each script
  • Occurrences of each analytics

Developer Helpers

  • Colours - Top Colours From Homepage
  • .htaccess Redirects
  • VHOST Redirects
  • Fix domain canonicalisation
  • Download URLs in various formats
  • Download sitemap.xml

Sitemap XML

  • Sitemap Insights
  • Sitemap Index Files
  • Sitemap Urls
  • Orphaned links in sitemap.xml
  • Missing links in sitemap.xml
  • What the sitemap.xml should contain
  • What a merged sitemap.xml with links from the site should contain

The tool is still in active development and is by no means the finished article - it's a rough around the edges skunk works project, that is intended for only the hardiest of early adopters to get a feel for. Any feedback is more than welcome!