Meta Forensics is packed with reports and recommendations that give you the analysis and insight required to improve a website. Analyse every link, heading, metatag, title, OG tag and piece of content - hunt down duplicate content, tags, titles, missing nofollows etc. Have a complete picture of your internal anchor text, most linked to pages and more.


Visualise the reports generated from your site, and then download them to embed in your emails and documents.

Downloadable Reports

All reports generated by Meta Forensics can be downloaded in CSV format for local analysis.

Full List of Available Reports

The reports that are currently available that are useful for Technical SEO analysis and more include:

Score BETA



HTTP Header Analysis

  • HTTP Headers
  • Response Headers
  • Response Headers List
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Site Content Types
  • Number of pages at each depth
  • Full Link Data
  • Queued Links
  • Skipped Links


  • Drupal Content Types By Page
  • Distribution of Drupal Content Types
  • Drupal Blocks By Page
  • Distribution of Drupal Blocks
  • Drupal Menus By Page
  • Distribution of Drupal Menus
  • Drupal Paragraphs By Page
  • Distribution of Drupal Paragraphs
  • Drupal Views By Page
  • Distribution of Drupal Views
  • CSS Aggregation
  • CSS Non-Aggregation
  • JS Aggregation
  • JS Non-Aggregation
  • Node Alias Usage
  • Taxonomy Alias Usage
  • Admin path
  • Drupal Settings Object
  • Drupal Security - Public Files
  • Drupal Security - Public Directories

Internal Links

  • Internal link Sunburst
  • Internal link downloads
  • Internal link problems
  • Most linked to pages
  • Least linked to pages
  • Most popular anchor text
  • Keywords in Anchor text
  • Keyword Pairs in Anchor text
  • URL Length
  • URL Length metrics
  • Links with spaces
  • Links with uppercase characters
  • Links with underscores
  • Links with extensions
  • Pages with most unique links on
  • Pages with most unique links on, excluding page anchors
  • Pages with least unique links on
  • Pages with least unique links on, excluding page anchors
  • Internal links with rel="nofollow"
  • Internal links with target="_blank"
  • Link type relative
  • Link type absolute
  • Canonical link
  • Revision link
  • Canonical link Mismatches
  • Shortlink link
  • hreflang link list
  • hreflang link counts
  • DNS Prefetch links list
  • DNS Prefetch links counts
  • Page Rank of Internal Site Pages
  • Pages with parameters
  • Pages without parameters
  • Full Link Analysis
  • Full Link Analysis at levels
  • Invalid Link Analysis
  • Pages with AMP

External Links

  • Broken external links
  • Broken external domains
  • Most popular external links
  • Most popular nofollowed external links
  • Most popular external followed links
  • External links by domain
  • External links by domain (nofollow)
  • External links by domain (follow)
  • External links by suffix
  • External links on same domain


  • Duplicate title tags
  • Duplicate meta description tags
  • Duplicate meta keywords tags
  • Duplicate body content
  • Duplicate body content (exc. tags)
  • Duplicate body content (markdown)
  • Duplicate paragraph content
  • Duplicate paragraph content (exc. tags)
  • Duplicate paragraph content (markdown)
  • Duplicate heading content
  • Duplicate OG title tags
  • Duplicate OG url tags
  • Duplicate OG image tags
  • Duplicate OG description tags

Robots TXT

  • Robots.txt allow / disallow counts
  • Robots.txt file analysis
  • Robots.txt blocked URLs
  • Robots.txt blocked assets

Title Tags

  • Title Length too short
  • Title Length too long
  • Missing Title
  • Keywords in Title's
  • Keyword Pairs in Title's
  • All Titles

Meta Tags

  • All Meta Tags
  • All Meta Description Tags
  • Keywords in Meta Descriptions
  • Keyword Pairs in Meta Descriptions
  • Keywords in Meta Keywords
  • Keyword Pairs in Meta Keywords
  • Meta Robots - noindex
  • Meta Robots - nofollow
  • Most number of Meta Keywords
  • Least number of Meta Keywords
  • No Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description doesn't exist
  • Meta Description too short
  • Meta Description too long
  • DOCTYPE missing
  • DOCTYPE all

Sitemap XML

  • Sitemap Insights
  • Sitemap Index Files
  • Sitemap Urls
  • Orphaned links in sitemap.xml
  • Missing links in sitemap.xml
  • What the sitemap.xml should contain
  • What a merged sitemap.xml with links from the site should contain


Open Graph Tags

  • OG types
  • OG URL mismatches
  • OG all details

Dublin Core

  • Dublin Core All

Twitter Cards

  • Twitter Card All
  • Twitter Card Sites
  • Twitter Card 'Creators'
  • Twitter Card Types
  • Twitter Card Player
  • Twitter Card App iPhone
  • Twitter Card App iPad
  • Twitter Card App GooglePlay


  • Average number of headings per page, per type
  • Total headings, per type
  • Keywords in headings
  • Keyword pairs in headings
  • Most popular headings
  • Pages with no h1
  • Average number of h1's per page
  • Average number of h2's per page
  • Average number of h3's per page
  • Average number of h4's per page
  • Average number of h5's per page
  • Inline tag summary
  • Inline tags all
  • Inline tags by type

Content / Documents

  • Spelling
  • Readability
  • 'Lorem Ipsum' text found
  • All linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.)
  • Linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.) by page
  • Linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.) by type
  • Common linked to Documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.)
  • Folder structure of Linked Assets & Documents
  • Content ratio of text to markup & code
  • Discovered languages
  • Occurrences of each email address
  • Occurrences of each telephone number
  • Occurrences of each Skype number
  • Occurrences of each RSS feed
  • All inline tags
  • All strong inline tags
  • All em inline tags
  • All b inline tags
  • All i inline tags
  • Key Entities detected within the body (AWS Comprehend)
  • Key Entities by Type detected within the body (AWS Comprehend)
  • Key Entity occurrences detected within the body (AWS Comprehend)
  • Key Phrases detected within the body (AWS Comprehend)
  • Key Phrase occurrences detected within the body (AWS Comprehend)

Sentiment Analysis

  • Analysis of page title Tags
  • Analysis of page Meta Description Tags
  • Analysis of h1 Tags
  • Analysis of h2 Tags
  • Analysis of h3 Tags
  • Analysis of h4 Tags
  • Analysis of h5 Tags
  • Analysis of h6 Tags
  • Analysis of page Content within the body
  • Analysis of page Content within the body (AWS Comprehend)


  • Broken Image SRC
  • Total Weight of Images, by page
  • Largest Single Images
  • All Images
  • Image asset folder structure
  • Inline data: Images
  • Raw HTTP Response Headers for Images
  • Most Common Images
  • Unique Images
  • Images with no alt text set
  • Images with a title attribute set
  • Images with largest dimensions
  • Images with invalid dimensions set
  • object, SVG, Canvas tag summary
  • object, SVG, Canvas tag listing
  • Favicons
  • Favicon type distribution
  • Favicon rel distribution
  • Apple Touch Icons
  • Apple Touch Icons Precomposed
  • Mask Icons
  • AWS Rekognition Label Detection
  • Most common AWS Rekognition Object / Labels Detected
  • AWS Rekognition Text Detection
  • Most common AWS Rekognition Text Detections

HTML Tag Analysis

  • Deprecated Tag Summary
  • All Deprecated Tags
  • Deprecated applet tags
  • Deprecated basefont tags
  • Deprecated center tags
  • Deprecated dir tags
  • Deprecated font tags
  • Deprecated isindex tags
  • Deprecated menu tags
  • Deprecated s tags
  • Deprecated strike tags
  • Deprecated u tags
  • Deprecated embed tags
  • Deprecated listing tags
  • Deprecated plaintext tags
  • Deprecated xmp tags

Stylesheets & Scripts

  • All Data Layer objects
  • Schema.org Structured Data objects
  • Broken Script SRC's
  • Total Weight of Scripts, by page
  • Largest Single Scripts
  • Broken Stylesheet HREF's
  • Total Weight of Stylesheets, by page
  • Largest Single Stylesheet
  • Occurrences of each stylesheet
  • Occurrences of each script
  • Occurrences of each analytics
  • Occurrences of Google Analytics UTM links
  • Stylesheet file folder structure
  • Script file folder structure


  • Domain parameter analysis
  • Path parameter analysis
  • Name parameter analysis
  • Value parameter analysis
  • Expires parameter analysis
  • Max Age parameter analysis
  • Secure parameter analysis
  • HTTP Only parameter analysis
  • All Cookies

Domain / DNS

  • WHO IS
  • DNS


  • Drupal Cache HTTP header values
  • X Cache HTTP header values
  • Cache Control HTTP header values
  • Recommended External Performance Tools
  • Page Download Speed metrics
  • Page Speed Detail
  • Page Size metrics
  • Linked Asset Size metrics
  • Page Size Detail
  • Redirect Speed metrics
  • Redirect Speed Detail
  • Total Weight of Assets, by page
  • Total Weight of Scripts, by page
  • Largest Single Scripts
  • Total Weight of Stylesheets, by page
  • Largest Single Stylesheet
  • Total Weight of Images, by page
  • Largest Single Images

Developer Helpers

  • Colours - Top Colours From Homepage
  • Colours - Representative Colours That Form the Homepage
  • nginx Redirects
  • nginx HTTP 404 Redirects
  • .htaccess Redirects
  • .htaccess HTTP 404 Redirects
  • VHOST Redirects
  • VHOST HTTP 404 Redirects
  • Fix domain canonicalisation
  • Download URLs in various formats
  • Download sitemap.xml


  • Data

Basic Audit Report



Keyword & Content Analysis

Understand what your most common keywords are, track down spelling mistakes, and make informed decisions about your content.

follow / nofollow

Ensure that you audit all of your external links are appropriately set to follow / nofollow.

Interactive Sunburst visualisation

This type of visualisation can be used to help understand a sites URL pattern composition:

Sunburst Chart Example

Radar Chart Example

The tool is still in active development and is by no means the finished article - it's a rough around the edges skunk works project, that is intended for only the hardiest of early adopters to get a feel for. Any feedback is more than welcome!