Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that are levelled at Meta Forensics. If you don't see an answer to your questions here, there please contact us and ask away...

How often will you email me?
We will send you an email verification email, and an audit completion email (if you opt to receive one). Other than that, to date we have sent 0 newsletter's. We will never sell your email addresses to any organisation.
Why is Meta Forensics free?
Because at this stage in the evolution of the tool, we could do without the burden of supporting paying customers. Currently we can move fast and break things without worrying too much about how it might impact users of the tool.
Will Meta Forensics always remain free?
We have no plans to start charging for using the product, and there will always to a free option. We are also toying with the idea of open-sourcing the tool when the codebase reaches a certain level of maturity. If you are however interested in some form of custom/bespoke report, or a crawl that exceeds the few hundred pages that we currently allow, then please get in touch.
Why do I need to sign-up?
Primarily to deter spam bots and other unwelcome activity (e.g. we don't want to unwittingly participate in DoS attacks, or in some dodgy traffic boosting scheme for sites). When the app is also being used by a known group of genuine users, it helps us to configure the application to work within the current server performance thresholds, and not cost us a fortune in bandwidth. That said, there is a "try it" button on the homepage which will give you a 25 page crawl without signing up.
What happens when I trigger an audit?
When you trigger an audit of say 250 pages, the application crawls the target site and downloads every one of those pages 250 pages. During this process these downloaded pages are being parsed and processed so that we can begin to generate the reports for you to analyse.
Who is behind Meta Forensics?
The information on a report looks / is wrong!
Please let us know and we will investigate!
Can I request a new feature or report?
Yes, please do. Use the contact form.
Can I advertise on your site?
Are we interested in buying hosting, proxies, VPN's or domains?
Are we interested in web design services or offshore development?
Are we interested in buying lists of users?
Are we interested in hiring a stand at an event?
Are we looking for recruitment services?
Are we interested in linking to your product?
Are we interested in publishing your articles?

Last updated: 08/01/2021