About Meta Forensics

Meta Forensics is a website architecture, optimisation, internal link and SEO analysis tool that helps identify unseen problems on your website.

It is a tool aimed at:

  • Web Developers & Designers
  • Anyone using Drupal, although the tool works with all websites, regardless of underlying CMS/technology
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Technical SEO's
  • Information Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Solutions Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • UX Designers
  • Website Owners
  • Copy Writers and Online Editors
  • The curious, and technically unafraid...

The tool has been built to serve several needs:

  • For Technical SEO's to dig in to the absolute detail of a website's structure and configuration to try to optimise and improve its performance.
  • For Solutions Architects and Business Analysts when evaluating an existing website to help understand it better, to help shape the costing of building a replacement website or extending the existing one. The tool often reveals hidden areas of a website that would otherwise have been easy to overlook.
  • For Web Designers and Developers who want to check that the site that they are working on is as optimised and as well built as possible i.e. no dead links, links to orphan pages, unnecessary use of redirects etc.
  • Website Owners who want to benchmark their site against the competition, and check that there are no glaring errors that could be affecting their customers.
  • To help Digital Marketing Specialists & SEO's understand how a site is currently presenting itself to search engines and crawlers.
  • For Web Analysts to check that every page on their site includes their Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tracking code. Often with large, established sites you will get a few pages when the analytics code has been accidentally omitted.
  • For Information Architects and UX Designers to understand the internal link structure of a website to help better inform them of how to organise content, and what content there is to be organised.
  • For Copy Writers and online Editors who want an easy way to spell check their website, and make better use of semantic HTML to markup their content.

The tool is still in active development and is by no means the finished article - it's a continually evolving skunk works / R&D project by a team of developers frustrated by the tools that are available to serve the use cases mentioned above. It is intended for only the hardiest of early adopters to get a feel for. Any feedback or suggestions will be gratefully received!